What Is The Copyright Situation With The Articles And Videos

YouTube Videos:
The original uploader of the YouTube videos can decide if they want websites to be able to include the videos on a 3rd party website or not. So if a video shows up on your website, it’s because the creator of that video allowed it.

The websites make use of content aggregation which is very common among news websites and most bigger websites. The website sources I am using do not have an issue with their articles being redistributed for as long as the website complies with the following:

  • Do not copy every single article. Depending on the source and their own post frequency, they allow between 1 – 4 articles per day.
  • Do not claim to own the articles and the images. All posts must be visibly credited to the original authors with a link back to the original article at the bottom of each post. 
  • All links in the articles must be preserved, providing the original website with further backlinks. This helps search engines distinguish between content aggregation and the original article.

All websites are set up to comply with these rules.

In fact, we had multiple news sources reaching out to our individual websites, providing us with specific articles which they would like to have redistributed.

The automated campaigns are set to retrieve a limited amount of articles per day to ensure that the source website is not copied 1:1 as well as preventing the automated website from being declared as spam. The automated campaigns also retrieve articles from a dozen different sources, so that there is a healthy mix of different sources.

There are multiple copyright notifications across the site to assure that the articles are in no way trying to infringe on the copyrights or businesses of any of the entities. In the footer of all websites you will see: “All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners”.

Additionally there is a “DMCA / Copyrights Disclaimer” page on the website along with a contact form in case an author would like to have his articles being taken down.

Keep in mind, the original author does keep the full rights to the articles and they could ask you to remove the articles, which I have only seen happening one time in 8 years. The article in question was removed by the press of a button – simple as that.

I have never had any issues with any of the news sources I am using. The way the websites are, works great.