Custom Niche (1 x Automated Content Website)


Important: This order is for custom niches only. Only order this package for a custom niche if you have reached out to me and I have confirmed in creating the custom niche website.

Important: This order is for custom niches only. Only order this package for a custom niche if you have reached out to me and I have confirmed in creating the custom niche website.

What is included

  • The complete website(s) you ordered
  • Fully licensed lifetime license for my theme. 1 license for each website
  • Fully licensed lifetime license for my plugins. 1 license for each website
  • Free support for as long as you own the websites
  • If required: 1 Year of free web hosting for all websites
  • If required: Free website transfer and setup to your hosting account
  • A guide with a list of 15 advertising programs that you can sign up with, so you can earn money with your website.
  • A guide with multiple ways on how to advertise your website
  • A guide on how the website works and how you can make changes to the website

About These Websites

All my websites are fully automated. They automatically add new content to each category several times a day. Additionally I create my websites so they update all plugins, themes and WordPress itself. This way the website runs fully automated and keeps the maintenance to an absolute minimum, as well as increases the security for all websites.

The design of the website is also fully customizable. I developed this theme over the course of 2 years and I added 100s of design options, so you can easily change the complete look and feel of the design, including colors and layout.

You can add, remove or modify content on the website. Inside of the admin panel you can add your own articles, images or videos. It’s as easy as using Microsoft Word.
You can also remove or modify the automated campaigns. Don’t like a specific category? Just delete it by the press of a button, or replace it with something else.

Website Features (Applies to all websites)

  • Based on the latest version of WordPress
  • Content is automatically added to the website several times per day
  • Website automatically updates WordPress, Themes and Plugins, so you are always up to date and can avoid security issues.
  • Premium theme, created by myself
  • Theme is extremely customizable, so you can completely change the design, look and feel of the website without any programming knowledge.
  • Theme is fully licensed
  • No experience needed, perfect for beginners.
  • Social likes & shares for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest implemented.
  • Ready to earn money with AdSense or any Affiliate program of your choosing.
  • Bloatware free. I created the website to be as lightweight, secure and fast as possible without compromising on the website features. No unnecessary plugins are installed. I only installed the best of the best.
  • Built in Amazon ad support.
  • Full Ad support: Dozens of ad spaces across the website to support any advertising program of your choice, including Google AdSense, Amazon,,,,, any many more.
  • Fully responsive design. Website works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Full cross browser support: Website works on all browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari
  • All posts have a feature image
  • Website has Contact Page
  • Website has About Us page (important for Google AdSense)
  • Website has Privacy Policy page
  • Website has T&Cs page
  • Website has Amazon Disclaimer page
  • Website has DMCA page
  • An anti spam plugin is installed to keep away comment spam and fake sign ups.
  • An SEO plugin is installed to help you with basic on-page search engine optimization.

FAQ (Important!)

Please make sure you have read the full FAQ section, as in includes several key points about the websites.


If you don’t already have domain names, you will have to register them. At prices start from $1 for the first .com domain using the coupon codes from my website
Over at you can get new domains starting from $0.88.

Web Hosting

This sale includes 1 year of free web hosting on my server. You can also use your own web hosting if you have one and I can transfer the websites to your hosting account free of charge.
If you don’t have a web hosting account and wish to sign up for one instead of hosting on my server, I can recommend HostGator their Web Hosting “Baby Plan” (sometimes called “Essential”), as it offers unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited websites, which means you can host as many websites as you want. Using the coupon code: AEDAN65 – will give you up to 65% off, depending on the product, the billing cycle and if they are already running a sale.

Other Costs

The two main costs, are the domain(s) and web hosting.

Domains costs between $1 and $10 per year, depending on the domain ending.

Web hosting costs around $50 – $100 per year and you can host all your websites on a single web hosting account. If you don’t have a web hosting account yet, I offer 1 year of free web hosting for all websites purchased from me.

Optional costs involve an advertising budget. I will supply you with guides on how to advertise the websites so you get traffic. Some advertising methods are free, other advertising methods require a small budget, starting from $5 up to $100 and higher, depending on what you are willing to invest.


I offer support via HelpDesk at I am based in Dublin (Ireland) and my support hours are from 9am – 6pm (Monday – Friday) with limited hours on weekends. My support is not limited to any time frame. Even if you have a question or a problem in 2 years from now, I am happy to help.

Reseller Disclaimer

Due to several past incidents, where people purchased websites from me, then cloned them and resold them over and over on platforms like Flippa and Fiverr, I have added this disclaimer:

You are allowed to resell exactly the websites with the domain that you have purchased from me, but you are not allowed to make clones and duplicates of my websites and then keep reselling them on Flippa or any other platform. The themes and plugins are also licensed to these websites you purchase from me. If you are interested in using just the theme on other websites, please contact me.

I have put a lot of work into creating the theme and several plugins over the course of 2 years, and simply stealing my work and business, is obviously not something I allow.

Turnaround Time

Please allow for 2-3 working days, depending on my workload and if it’s a weekend.

Refund Policy

Please note, no refund can be done for the simple reason that there are 3rd party costs involved for which I can’t get any refund myself. On top of that, I invest time in setting up the websites and transferring them, for which I cannot get the time back. For this reason, please make sure you have read the FAQ section and if you still have questions about the websites, contact me at

If you are unhappy with your website, I can help you resell the websites on, this way you can recoup your investment, and if done right, also make a profit.

Thank you for understanding.