I have never really given this part of my sales page much thought, until I had customers approaching me, explaining their bad experience with other sellers, and what is important to them when buying a website.

For that reason, I created a comparison table, on why you should buy from me, when compared with other sellers on Flippa.

Please note, this comparison table does not reflect every single seller on Flippa. This comparison is based on feedback I have received from customers as well as looking up competitors on what they offer.

Please also visit https://flippa.com/users/420093/feedback to see a full list of all the feedback I have received directly on Flippa.

Me Others
Support Unlimited (for as long as you own the website) Often limited to 7 days – 30 days. After that they will charge high fees.
Working Hours Full Time (9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday, with limited hours on weekends. Time zone: Dublin, Ireland) Part Time
Support Desk I provide support via email, using a premium helpdesk software, to manage all support queries. This way you can be sure that all emails will be answered. Flippa message system, or personal email. Often no replies on follow up emails.
Website Transfer Cost 100% free Free or $30 – $50
Experience 14 Years Professional Web Developer (WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS). If something goes wrong, I will always be able to help. Mostly hobby web developers with no professional experience. Often overwhelmed with simple questions, or at a loss with technical issues.
Hidden Fees No Yes (transfer cost, support cost)
Bloatware free Yes
I make sure the website is lightweight and does not use any unnecessary plugins that slow down the website nor add security risks.
Often bombarded with dozens of useless plugins, that result in slow websites, malware and security leaks.
Years active on Flippa 6 Years New sellers often try Flippa for a few months, and then leave, and you can’t contact them again if something goes wrong in a few months.
Website creator I create all websites myself, using my own theme. Others often resell websites that they have purchased themselves, which results in poor updates, security vulnerabilities, and not being able to make custom changes.
Theme I have developed my own theme called DisruptPress, which allows for heavy design modification, so each website can look completely unique. You get a full license to receive lifetime updates. Free themes with poor features, or premium themes, which are unlicensed, receive no updates and have been used on 10,000s of other websites, which all look identical.
Maintenance I implemented an update script in my theme, which automatically updates WordPress, all plugins and themes whenever there is an update available. This way, your website will always be up to date, using the latest version, increasing your websites security and saving you time. No automatic update. You need to login and update everything yourself. Leaving a website out of date for too long, increased the chance of the website being hacked.
Technical assistance Yes
Because I work as web developer and created the websites myself, I can provide technical assistance if needed.
No technical knowledge. Will easily be overwhelmed with technical questions or issues.
100% transparency I don’t create hypes around my websites and products, that promise unrealistic earnings expectations. Others always over hype their website, promising unrealistic earnings, which will never be met, and in a few months you will be left disappointed.
Step by step guides Yes No
Fully licensed and 100% legal You will receive a full license for the theme, which includes a lifetime updates. All other 3rd party plugins used on the website are 100% legal and licensed, and receive automatic future updates. Often use unlicensed themes and plugins, which were downloaded illegally and may contain hidden malware, and receive no updates..