Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Copyright Situation With The Articles And Videos

YouTube Videos:
The original uploader of the YouTube videos can decide if they want websites to be able to include the videos on a 3rd party website or not. So if a video shows up on your website, it’s because the creator of that video allowed it.

The websites make use of content aggregation which is very common among news websites and most bigger websites. The website sources I am using do not have an issue with their articles being redistributed for as long as the website complies with the following:

  • Do not copy every single article. Depending on the source and their own post frequency, they allow between 1 – 4 articles per day.
  • Do not claim to own the articles and the images. All posts must be visibly credited to the original authors with a link back to the original article at the bottom of each post. 
  • All links in the articles must be preserved, providing the original website with further backlinks. This helps search engines distinguish between content aggregation and the original article.

All websites are set up to comply with these rules.

In fact, we had multiple news sources reaching out to our individual websites, providing us with specific articles which they would like to have redistributed.

The automated campaigns are set to retrieve a limited amount of articles per day to ensure that the source website is not copied 1:1 as well as preventing the automated website from being declared as spam. The automated campaigns also retrieve articles from a dozen different sources, so that there is a healthy mix of different sources.

There are multiple copyright notifications across the site to assure that the articles are in no way trying to infringe on the copyrights or businesses of any of the entities. In the footer of all websites you will see: “All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners”.

Additionally there is a “DMCA / Copyrights Disclaimer” page on the website along with a contact form in case an author would like to have his articles being taken down.

Keep in mind, the original author does keep the full rights to the articles and they could ask you to remove the articles, which I have only seen happening one time in 8 years. The article in question was removed by the press of a button – simple as that.

I have never had any issues with any of the news sources I am using. The way the websites are, works great.

Can I Use Google AdSense On These Websites

Google AdSense says that they want your website to have unique content when applying. The automated websites have duplicate content and have therefore higher risks of not getting accepted by AdSense. However several of my customers who have applied for Google AdSense with these automated websites, reported that they were accepted.  About 30% of my customers get accepted straight away without the need to make any changes. It takes a few attempts until they accept an application.

The easiest way to get accepted by Google AdSense is, to add 10 – 20 unique articles to your website, each with at least 1 image and 300 – 500 words. Then wait 3-4 weeks and apply for a Google AdSense account again. If you don’t want to write your own articles, I can recommend, where you can purchase unique articles starting from $3.00. Alternative you can also buy articles at, prices starting at $5.

Here is an article with more details on how to get accepted by Google AdSense:

In the email I send out to the winner, I include a list of 15 advertising programs where you can sign up at, which are good alternatives until you have been accepted into Google AdSense.

Please keep in mind, I have no control over the decision of Google AdSense, for that reason I cannot guarantee that your website will get accepted.

Can You Transfer The AdSense Account To Me

AdSense accounts cannot be transferred. If you do not already have an AdSense account, you would need to create a new one here. Once you have your own approved AdSense account, you can simply login to the admin panel of the website and replace the current AdSense code with the one from your own AdSense account.

Can You Create And Activate An AdSense Account For Me

No, I cannot create an AdSense account for you, you will have to create one yourself. To activate an AdSense account and get approved, you will need to have a website with unique content (around 10-15 unique articles). Here is a guide on how to get an AdSense account approved:

What Costs Are Involved In Running The Website

There are 2 costs involved, the domain and the web hosting.

The domain costs around $10 per year and I already paid for it for the first year.

Web hosting costs around $50 – $100 per year, however in my sale, I offer 1 year of free web hosting for all websites. If you want your own web hosting account, I can recommend HostGator with their 3 years plan for unlimited domains, where you get up to 65% off [Direct Link]. I have been with HostGator for over 7 years now and I can honestly say that I recommend them. I have even written an in-depth review about HostGator on my blog.

Is This A Duplicate Website?

The websites I am selling use automated content, such as YouTube videos and articles. Due to the nature of the content being automatically added, the content of the website is not unique. YouTube videos can be used on any websites, and the articles are from 3rd party websites.

On all of the websites I sell, you can add your own articles, so that the website becomes more unique. You can also edit or remove current automated campaigns, as well as create new automated campaigns.

Additionally I am using a my own theme on these websites, which has 100s of design options, so that the design of every website can be completely changed. Layout, width, structure, color, design, everything can be changed so that your website looks completely unique.

In short, yes the websites are duplicate when sold, but you can make the content unique, and you can make the design unique.

How Much Traffic And Earnings Does This Website Have?

This is a new starter website and has not yet been advertised, that is why it has no significant traffic nor earnings yet.

How Much Can I Earn With This Website

I cannot give an exact figure on how much you can earn with this website, because it depends multiple factors, such as how you advertise the website, if you use free advertising methods or paid advertising methods, and what ad networks you will be using to monetize the website.

Some website owners earn nothing with their websites because they don’t advertise it, others earn $50 a month because they invest a bit into advertising, and others again who are willing to invest extra time into the website, can earn a few $100 a month.

Please don’t expect any unrealistic earnings, keep in mind, this is a new starter website with little traffic as of yet.

In the email I send out to the winner of this auction, I will include a list of 15 different advertising programs that you can sign up with, so you can monetize the website.

How Does The Automation Of The Website Work

The website has a plugin installed, which automatically adds new articles and/or YouTube videos to the website several times a day. The plugin uses RSS feeds, YouTube search keywords or YouTube playlists to add the content.

Is There Any Maintenance Work Involved In Running This Website

Not really. The website automatically adds content to the website several times a day. I have also created the website so it automatically updates WordPress itself, as well as all plugins and themes that are installed.

This way the website runs as automated as possible, keeping the maintenance to virtually nothing.

Can I Do SEO On This Website

Yes, absolutely. My websites have an SEO plugin installed, which will help you with basic search engine optimization. Please note though, that one of the major aspects of SEO, is to have unique content on the website. By default, these websites do not have unique content, so you would need to add your own articles to the website, so that they become unique in the eyes of the search engines.

Can I Edit, Add Or Remove Articles/Videos?

Yes. Inside of the admin panel, you can edit, add or remove any of posts. Adding and editing articles is as easy as using Microsoft Word.

I Am New To Owning A Website. Is It hard To Run This Website?

This website is based on WordPress, which makes it incredibly user friendly and easy to use. No programming or coding is required. Everything comes with a user friendly interface. It’s great for beginners.

You don’t need to have any special knowledge about websites. In the email I send out to the winner, I explain everything step by step on how to run the website.

Additionally this website setup to run on autopilot, which means it automatically posts new content every day, and updates itself, so no maintenance is required.