How To Get Your AdSense Account Approved

[Article updated September 2017]

Read this guide, if you do not have a Google AdSense account yet, or if you have had your application declined.

First off, know that you only need to get your AdSense account approved once, with just one website, and then you can use your AdSense account on as many websites as you wish, without the need to get approved again.

Google has become stricter and stricter with approving their AdSense accounts, and yet there still doesn’t seem to be any exact requirements on what Google really wants. Yes, they do have guidelines on what they say they want, but even those don’t seem go hand in hand on what they actually approve or decline.
One thing stands out though, Google wants your first website to be a quality website, and in most cases this means that your website needs to have unique content and an overall good look. If you apply for an AdSense account that uses only duplicate content, or if your website only has YouTube videos without any actual text, there is a big chance that Google will reject your application.

You can always try to apply with your current website, even if this is a website that contains duplicate content, you might get lucky. I say this, because over the years I have seen customers get their AdSense accounts approved with clone websites within just 24 hours, and then I saw clients who had their AdSense application declined straight away.

A well known unofficial requirement is, that many users noticed over the past few years is, that Google likes that your website is at least 4 – 12 weeks old. If you have a brand new website, you might just need to wait a few more weeks.


Easy Solutions (might not work)

Please note, these easy solutions do not always work, and should only be used if you are not 100% committed on getting your AdSense account approved. If you absolutely want an AdSense account, skip this section and go to the “Real Solution” section, or purchase an AdSense activation service (see section below).

  • Apply with your current website and see if it works. You might get lucky.
  • Wait until your domain and website is 2-3 months old, and then apply again.
  • Use a content spinner for all of your automated articles. (Doesn’t always work)
  • Keep in mind, just because Google AdSense is very popular, it doesn’t really mean that AdSense is always the best way to monetize your website. There are a many other ad networks that are willing to pay more if the traffic is right. Of course getting paid on a per click basis is fantastic, but depending on the niche of your website, Google AdSense is not always the best solution.
    I recommend that at least for the time until you get your AdSesnse account approved, you use other advertising partners, such as Amazon (more at the end of this article)


Best Solution (works 100% of the time)

This solutions works 100% of the time, but it requires additional work.

Solution: You have to add 10 – 20 unique articles to your website and temporarily remove all the duplicate/automated content from your website. Once your Google AdSense application has been accepted, you can add the automated/duplicate articles and/or YouTube videos again. You can also keep all the automated content on your website, however then the approval rating is at around 70%.

I get it, writing articles can be boring, or your English might not be good enough, or you simply don’t have enough time or knowledge to write articles, but you can also purchase articles at a price of $5 per article (more information below).
I then hear the argument, that they don’t want to invest another $50 – $100 for 10 – 20 articles, because they already spent money on purchasing a website. Okay fair point. I know investing even more money is not what many people expected, but if you spent $150 or $300 on purchasing a website, and yet you don’t want to invest an additional $50 to get into AdSense, where you can easily earn $100 per month, you might want to rethink your business strategy.
This solution, by writing articles or buying articles, needs to be looked at as an investment, that will easily pay off, and not as an upsell.

Enough talk. This is what your website needs to get approved by Google:

  • Temporarily remove all the automated and duplicated content from your website.
  • Add 10 – 20 unique articles related to your website.
  • Each article should have between 300 – 1000 words. (I aim that most my articles have around 500 words).
  • At least one image per article, which is set as the featured image in WordPress. (Use Google search to find related images). If you want to add multiple images, add them inside the article, and not all in one row at the end of the article.
  • You can also embed YouTube videos into your articles. If your article is about painting your house, and you found a YouTube video that adds great value to the article, include it!
  • Make use of sub sections in your articles. Use headings and separated paragraphs. An article with 500 words that is just one continuous flow, isn’t very professional.
  • Make sure the content of your article is related to your website.
  • Make sure the articles are not in the category of prohibited content by Google AdSense.
  • Your website must include an “About Me” or “About Us” page, where you quickly sum up what your website is about and who you are. Can be fictional, as in, you can write that you are a dedicated team of writers, when in fact you are just one person. Should be around 300 words.
  • Your website must include a contact page, where you have a contact form (I include this in all websites I sell).
  • Your website must include a privacy policy page as well as a terms & conditions page (I include this in all websites I sell).
  • Wait until your domain and website is 8 – 12 weeks old before applying for Google AdSense.

While this might sound like a lot of work at first, it’s really not that hard, just requires a bit of time writing the articles.

If you don’t want to write the articles yourself, I recommend you check out and search for “articles” or “article writers“. The prices start from $5 per article. Make sure the article is written by a native English speaker or someone with English at a native level. I prefer to order from people who have 100+ positive reviews.

You can also purchase a handful of articles on Fiverr and write some yourself.

If you want to write the articles yourself, they really have to be newly written from scratch, no cheating! That means:

  • No content spinner software
  • No cheating by copying single sentences from already existing artices
  • No cheating by replacing single words with synonyms
  • Just don’t cheat your way through this. Write real articles from scratch.

If you lack of ideas, what you can do, is to rewrite existing articles that you found on other websites. However the rewriting really needs to be unique as well. The original article should just be used as an inspiration on what to write. Don’t rewrite an article, where you simply go through the article line by line and rewrite every single sentence. This often ends up in a bad quality article, and tends to take up more time than just writing what comes to your mind naturally. Rewrite the article in your own words. Don’t focus on rewriting single sentences. Instead, keep it natural by writing an article that has the overall same information as the original. It doesn’t matter if you leave out certain information or even add new information.

Buy an AdSense activation service

Due to the high amount of rejections of Google AdSense accounts, some people have made it their business, to activate AdSense accounts. The way they work, is that they create a basic website with unique content, and then use that website for your approval process. Prices for such services are around between $50 to $200. Back between 2010 and 2016, I found a lot services that were priced at $50 for this activation service. Now in 2017, I had a hard time finding offers for under $60 for such a service, most were prices at $100+.

On there are several gigs where people sell you a website that includes unique articles, that you can use to activate your AdSense account. They often also offer money back guaranee, or give you a new website incase it didn’t work the first time around.
Their prices start from around $150. Make sure to order from someone who has a lot of positive feedback and offers money back guarantee or replaces the website until you get your AdSense account approved.
Google AdSense accounts on Fiverr.

You can always search via Google as well. There are many websites offering AdSense activation services starting from around $50. However be careful, I did hear a few times that people got ripped off. They made the payment, and then never heard back. I recommend using Fiverr due to the money back guarantee.

Use A Content Spinner

If you own a website that automatically adds new articles several times a day, those articles are most likely duplicate. A content spinner software, is a software that automatically rewrites articles and creates a unique version of that, by using synonyms. Some advanced content spinner also use artificial intelligence to rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs. While these content spinners do a decent job, you can clearly tell by the replaced synonym words, that it’s a content spinner, or someone at least someone with poor English.

Please note: Even if you use a content spinner, there is no 100% guarantee that Google AdSense will approve your website. Google can recognize articles written by content spinning software. It’s a hit and miss. If you do want to make sure to get accepted into Google AdSense, you are better of buying unique articles or purchasing an activation service on Fiverr.

The way it works with the content spinner, is that you sign up with a content spinner software from the list below. You would also need to install a plugin like The content spinner provider will give you API credentials, which you can then enter into your WordPress admin panel, and all articles will then automatically be rewritten.

The prices are anywhere from $50 once off payment up to $50 per month, depending on the software and the quality of articles they create.

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