The Grey Zone of Internet Marketing

Dear Internet Marketing,

Your a$$ must feel so lonely, because of all the s#*t that is coming out of your mouth.
True Story!

Okay, let me try and rephrase this without profanity.
Internet Marketing (IM), a fancy word for an unfortunately rather grey area of the internet. The word itself simply implies the advertisement on the internet, which includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and all kinds of display advertising such as banner advertisement.

Because advertising on the internet requires little to no skill and very little upfront cost (at least basic advertising), it has attracted a huge amount of people from all around the world, who see an opportunity to make money online. That’s exactly the problem. This market has attracted a massive amount of people that have no skill in this area and are only in it because they have heard of the “get rich quick scheme”.
That’s the dream right? No skill required, make money online while sitting at home on the couch, or even at the beach in Thailand and just see the money rolling in by simply clicking the same button over and over.

Okay to be fair, no one starts with any skills in life, all of our skills and knowledge is based on learning and experience. The problem starts when people pretend to have some certain skill, while in reality they don’t and just want to make money online and they won’t hesitate to offer you a poor service. This is where the entire grey area of the internet marketing starts. It even goes so far that it’s pure scam, where you are promised to earn thousands of dollars every month by just clicking a button over and over again.

Ever heard of the Warrior Forum, JVZoo or DigitalPoint Forum? Ever been sucked into one of these products that are super hyped by 100s of rave reviews saying that with this product you can make $20,000 per month on autopilot and all you have to do is buy the product for $47?
Well, we have all been down this road, some of us multiple times, and others are caught in this vicious circle for years.

It all sounds good. Very little invest, no skill required, 100s of positive reviews. All good until you purchase the product and then you suddenly notice that you have to invest another few $100 into this product to actually make it work. So instead of the original $47, I am now being suckered into several upsells which ended up costing another $297.

After trying out the product, you suddenly find little problems with it. You are overwhelmed with the information, or it might be a technical issue, it might be that you lack the technical understanding, or an even bigger investment is required to actually make it work, or the product actually makes money, but only $50 per month instead of the promised $20,000. However the most common issue is, that this money making method has been saturated. It simply no longer works because too many people have used it or it simply only worked for the guy who invented the product.get rich quick
Basically you keep bumping into problems every time you want to make it work. By that time you are so frustrated and feel like giving up and then out of nowhere you receive an email promoting some other new amazing product that generates $40,000 per month on autopilot and requires no experience. All you have to do it to purchase that product for just $67.
Again you get sucked into it and you spend another week on that new product but same thing happens again. It doesn’t live up to what it promises, in fact it doesn’t even generate enough to cover the cost of the $67 you invested. Being disappointed you head over to the Warrior Forum or get a new email and again you see a product that claims to be the new thing that lets you earn money online with no experience and little investment. Needless to say, it won’t workout. Years later you find yourself having spent $100s if not $1000s on products and you are still not living the dream of making a living online. Nothing seems to have worked out.
Trust me, you are not alone in this. In fact, most users that are in the internet marketing can not make a living out of it. They all claim they “could”, but when reality strikes, it looks alot different.

If you head over to the Warrior Forum right now, you will see that every 3rd product is about how you can make a living online. If that would be true, then we would all be millionaires and the Warrior Forum would be dead because no one would have the need to go back there to purchase new products.

earn money onlineIn a nutshell: The vast majority of people on internet marketing forums, consists of people teaching others how to make money online, by creating some sort of product promising them to make money. However the only person benefiting from this and actually earning some cash, is the guy creating the original product. The product itself still receives positive reviews almost instantly after release, mainly because it sounds good in theory but doesn’t work in reality.
It’s sad, but it is a grey zone on the internet and borderline scam.

That being said, it’s not all bad.
I’m not saying that everyone in the internet marketing is a scam artist nor everything that is on the Warrior Forum is worthless, but from the over 100 products I have purchased for roughly $5,000 over the past 4 years, I have maybe found 3 or 4 products that were actually useful and in my eyes worth the money, everything else turned into a disappointment and total waste of money, and even worse, a waste of time.
Internet marketing seems to be the answer for many, but only a handful make it out of that swap and the rest gets sucked into deeper and deeper until they drown.

It might sound a bit paradox that I tell people to be careful with the Warrior Forum, while I myself advertise my products and services there.
Well I keep some simple rules to make sure I don’t cross into the “get rich quick schemes”. I try to be as transparent as possible and most of my products are wordpress related plugins, where you actually receive a product and not some get rich quick push button eBook.
My goal is not to scare you away from the Warrior Forum or internet marketing in general, because it can be a gold mine if you find that single little lump of coal that you can turn into gold. Finding that lump of coal is the biggest challenge.

I myself use the Warrior Forum on a regular basis. I am active in discussion or helping users with problems. In return I try to promote my business whenever possible without it being spam.
Inside the WSO area of the Warrior Forum (Warrior Special Offer), I try to stay away from products that promise me to earn $1000s each month by the press of the button. I know they don’t work.
I mainly look for products that can improve my already existing business.

To sum it all up, if you are trying to start making an income online, internet marketing seems to be the way to go, but don’t be fooled by those get rich quick schemes, trust me, they don’t work! If you are currently broke and hope to make big money by the end of the week, I am sorry, but this won’t work either.
If you want to start a business online, get a real job and then save some money. You won’t be able to start an online business with no upfront costs.

Internet Marketing is a blessing and a curse. It’s the perfect example of a love/hate relationship. It has turned regular people into millionaires and at the same time it has robbed regular people of their last cent.

The only way that I found to make a living online, is to focus on something specific, something you like, have a passion for and if at all possible, have the skill for.
Set a realistic goal where you expect that you can start earning money within 3-6 months. Don’t set a goal to earn money next week, not because it’s a bad thing, but very often when you set an impossible goal and you don’t reach it, you give up.

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Keep in mind:

  • Use common sense
  • Always do your own due diligence.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is


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  1. Well the only product I bought was 7secblaster for $47 thinking that if in 90 days I didn’t make it back I could always ask for a refund. I paid back the plugin in less than a month of uploading vine compilations and after a year I’ve made more than 3000$ of passive income because I no longer update the youtube channel and because each video took me 15 minutes to make thanks to the bot that gets the vines and arranges them together.

    Don’t buy it unless you have really planned how to profit from it, it wasn’t the first time I made significant money on youtube and it won’t be the last one.

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