Can I Use Google AdSense On These Websites

Google AdSense says that they want your website to have unique content when applying. The automated websites have duplicate content and have therefore higher risks of not getting accepted by AdSense. However several of my customers who have applied for Google AdSense with these automated websites, reported that they were accepted.  About 30% of my customers get accepted straight away without the need to make any changes. It takes a few attempts until they accept an application.

The easiest way to get accepted by Google AdSense is, to add 10 – 20 unique articles to your website, each with at least 1 image and 300 – 500 words. Then wait 3-4 weeks and apply for a Google AdSense account again. If you don’t want to write your own articles, I can recommend, where you can purchase unique articles starting from $3.00. Alternative you can also buy articles at, prices starting at $5.

Here is an article with more details on how to get accepted by Google AdSense:

In the email I send out to the winner, I include a list of 15 advertising programs where you can sign up at, which are good alternatives until you have been accepted into Google AdSense.

Please keep in mind, I have no control over the decision of Google AdSense, for that reason I cannot guarantee that your website will get accepted.