This seems to be a never ending topic. For those not familiar with spun or duplicated content, let me quickly explain what those are. Original Content Well obviously, original content is content, such as an article, that you or someone else has written themselves without copying anything from someone elses article. Duplicated Content In SEO,
[UPDATE: 03. September 2014] It seems with the latest update to their website, flippa has made several changes to the domain auction/listings, especially in regards to the prices. Since I have not since sold a domain, I did not look into this yet. I will be updating this post accordingly, as soon as I sell
[LAST UPDATED: 08. November 2014] Flippa is overall a great website. Modern and friendly design, good user experience, good font and nice color combination, great overall readability. However if you are an active seller on Flippa, you might have noticed some annoying features or even bugs. Being a web developer myself, I do know how